Recipe: Easy Peasy Avocado Red Pepper Dip

No pease were harmed in the making of this dip 😂

Super straightforward, super simple. The hardest thing you’re gonna do is put the peppers in the oven and have to wait 10 min while they roast. But baby, I promise the smell of roasted peppers in your house will be worth it.

Heart Healthy Red Pepper Avocado Dip:

2 Ripe Medium avocados
1 Lime
1 Red Bell Pepper
½ cup of green onions
⅓  cup jalapeno or ¼ cup serrano pepper
1 bunch of fresh cilantro
1 tablespoon of oil (olive or avocado)
Salt and Pepper to taste

To Make:

  1. Grab a food processor!
  2. Wash, cut, and de-seed all the veggies. You’ll cut the avocado into small cubes, the green onions should be chopped, so should the spicy pepper of your choice. Throw all the veggies into the processor.
  3. Prep the red pepper once it’s washed and cut and throw on the stove for a little roasting to release the flavor. Once roasted, place into the processor.
  4. Finally add in the lime juice from one lime, a tablespoon of your oil of choice, salt and pepper to taste, and then throw in some fresh cilantro to preference and hit pulse on the processor.
  5. Once everything is incorporated, throw in your favorite serving dish and use any chips or crudites as dipping utensils, my favorite are grain free cassava flour tortilla chips!