Aviator Pizza Opens Second Location off South Congress

Who: Aviator Pizza and Drafthouse

What: Pizza joint with a family-friendly vibe offering hand-tossed pies, gourmet bar food & local brews.

When: Sunday to Thursday 11am – 9:30pm, Friday to Saturday 11am – 11pm

Where: South Congress at 6501 South Congress Avenue, Suite #105, Austin, Texas 78745

Why: Who doesn’t love a good beer and pizza? What if you could have a great selection of beer on tap with delicous pizza that has crust so good you might just eat it first.

Aviator Pizza is no stranger to the Pizza game, in fact in 2014 they first opened shop in Elgin, Texas slinging pies and pouring cold ones. When an opporutnity came up to expand into the fast growing South Congress area, Aviator Pizza decided to take on the challenge.

They’re known for their crust. It’s made with in house with a touch of pizza oil infused with rosemary. It’s not too chewy and holds up the toppings nicely. Which is appreciated because I always hate when I go for a bite and the pepperoni and mushrooms are sliding off in a glob of cheese.

I went in for a special media preview and was able to order a substantial amount at the tasting, which for reference you can see a pic of me with all the deliciousness below. We went for their special South Austin which features prosciutto, goat cheese, arugula, and honey. Which was delicious, so it must be true us Austinites love our prosciutto pizzas.

Another one I was really curious to try was essentially a Mexican style pizza, apptly named, El Nacho. It was made with ground beef, red onion, olives, jalapenos, cheddar, oregano and topped with crunchy tortilla strips. It was an interesting one for me, but I can see how it would make a good pairing with a cold beer when the game is on.

And because I believe every pizza shop should be judged on how they handle my ultimate love, which is a supreme pizza. I went for the Major Tom, made with pepperoni, sage sausage, red onions, green peppers, and fresh portabello mushrooms. It was everything I wanted it to be and more, the sage sausage gave it a great bite and the crust is the real deal. Anything on top of it is good to go by me.

I mentioned they have beer on tap, but they have over 24 to be exact. The tap will feature local and national favorites as well as some cider and wine. And they also have a nice little dessert menu featuring variations of a cinnamon dessert pizza. I went for the blueberry one, and it was made with fresh, whole blueberries and I’m not going to lie, I ate the whole damn thing. I should caution I had help, but it’s that good, you could do it!

Other things to note, they have delicious calzones that are very large (see pic below for reference). They have charcuterie boards, salads, and grindr sandwiches which are all excellent I’m sure. And you can fill up a growler of beer and take your pizza and drinks to go for the ultimate take out!

When you go, please tell them Dine With Shayda sent you. And be sure to follow along with my daily adventures on Instagram @DineWithShayda.