Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in North Austin at Almarah

Looking for an authentic mediterranean and middle eastern dining experience? Then you have to check out Almarah in North Austin off 620! They have a very extensive menu, which is good, just try not to get overwhelmed. I’ll talk you through some of our families favorites and when in doubt, order some grilled kabob with house made pita and you won’t be disappointed!

As the daughter of an Iranian immigrant, my childhood was nothing short of cultured. My dad is an excellent cook and to this day still preps family meals and middle eastern food is something I always look for when dining out, especially on the road.

But here in Austin we don’t have the biggest middle eastern community, especially compared to other Texas cities, or even nationwide, so when I find a spot that’s good it makes me excited!

Almarah is family run and it shows by their attention to detail when it comes to incorporating their culture and respectively those of other mediterranean and middle eastern cuisines cultures into their restaurant.

You’ll find dolma a middle eastern inspired dish that takes grape leaves and wraps rice and other veggies inside and then steamed to perfection. They had tabbouleh, which is a Levantine vegetarian salad made mostly of finely chopped parsley, with tomatoes, mint, onion, bulgur, and seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper and one of my personal favorites. There was hummus, which most Americans are familiar with, but another variance of that is baba ghanouj, Lebanese style appetizer made with mashed eggplant.

When it comes to the mains they offer a variation of meats including gyro meats, kabob, and grilled meats in general. We got the Almarah sample plate which included lamb chops, koufta kabob, and grilled chicken. But the real shining star was the lamb shank drizzled in their specialty sauce, and served with basmati rice. It was absolutely gorgeous and the meat fell apart it was so tender. I’m a big fan of lamb and if you are too, then you have to try Almarah’s lamb shank!

If you go, please tag me and Almarah– @withshayda + @almarahatx, and let me know what you ordered. I can’t wait to see your pictures!

Address: 12129 Ranch Rd 620 N #450, Austin, TX 78750