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Austin Daily Press was founded in the heart of Austin, in what used to be a food trailer outside The Mohawk off Red River, they began a grilled sandwich following. Now in 2015, they have a new brick and mortar location right off MLK & Chicon, and it’s quickly becoming one of the East Sides most tastiest spots. They serve up sandwiches, tacos, bowls, and things so good you’ll have to check them out to believe.

In my latest visit, I was invited to cover their new menu offerings for the fall, and if you like things pickled, fried, and savory, you are in for a treat!


Austin Daily Press


The event was set up at The Wheel, a bicycle themed neighborhood bar, that is located across the parking lot from Austin Daily Press. The weather was hot, but we were tucked away under the shade of trees and patio umbrellas as we began the tasting event.


August Sandwich Special, The Kinky Friedman
August Sandwich Special, The Kinky Friedman: Eggplant & Goat Cheese ‘Latke’, Corn & Jalapeno Custard, Arugula, Pickled Green Beans, Plum & Basil Jam, and Confit Duck Rille


The first thing they brought out was the August Sandwich of the Month, The Kinky Friedman, it tasted so fresh and that plum & basil jam was the best. It was a great way to begin the new menu tasting.


Jalapeno Hushpuppies
Jalapeno Hushpuppies with a spicy ranch dipping sauce


Now I don’t believe the Jalepeno Hushpuppies are a new thing because I’ve seen them on their menu before, but either way, I WANTED MORE. The crisp, the crunch, that spicy ranch dipping sauce, it was over before it even began. And I had to snag a few off a friends plate because I couldn’t put them down.


Corn Salsa
Corn Salsa, smoked peach yogurt, queso fresco served with crostini


This was actually my favorite new menu item, the corn salsa was so flavorful mixed with the smoked peach yogurt and queso fresco, it was out of this world. Perfect bite every time, and the perfect dish to share or not share depending how hungry you are.


Fried Shortbread bites
Fried Shortbread bites, cinnamon sugar, blueberry jam and vanilla glaze


Again with the fried goodness, these were amazing. Think cinnamon sugar donuts, Austin Daily Pressified, with a very creamy vanilla glaze and savory dash of blueberry jam. PS: They’re trying to name these and a few other new menu items, if you have any ideas, head on over to:


The Layla
The Layla: Cazadores Reposado, Fruitlab Organic Ginger Liqueur, lime juice, Topo Chico


Of course because we were at The Wheel we couldn’t not pick up one of their summer drink specials, I had to have the Layla, with the organic ginger liquer and topo chico, it made this like a fresh taste on a mexican martini.


Fruit & Root Salad
Fruit & Root Salad with pickled golden beets, cucumber, watermelon, queso oaxaca, chili lime vinaigrette.


This new menu items, the Fruit and Root salad, caught me by surprise. Mixing beets with watermelon, this was a refreshing and punchy salad. The chili lime vinaigrette gave enough punch to balance out the sweetness from the watermelon and cucumber.


Roasted Mushroom Panino
Roasted Mushroom, queso oaxaca, mole and pickled onion Panino


In traditional Austin Daily Press fashion, the Roasted Mushroom panino was just that, grilled queso oaxaca was oozing out of the sides, the the mole and pickled onions just added more flavor to this already favorite sandwich.


Fried chicken & biscuit with a blueberry jam
Fried chicken & biscuit with a blueberry jam


I think the beautiful thing about Austin Daily Press is their stray from the normal fray. People have the tendency to put people and things in boxes, well ADP definitely doesn’t want you to forget about their amazing grilled cheese sandwiches. But they also want to show off their culinary chops.

Queue up the next three dishes, fried chicken biscuit sandwich– perfect for anytime. Still a sandwich, but yet so much more.


Biscuit Sandwich
Biscuit Sandwich with house cured bacon, grape tomatoes, avocado, and a chimichurri sauce


The Biscuit Sandwich was also one of my favorites from the new menu, I love fresh tomatoes, avocados and bacon, topped with chimichurri sauce and you had me at sandwich. Loved this menu item and can’t wait to head back for more.


migas breakfast slider
A migas, smoked jalapeno jam, cheddar, pickled onions breakfast slider


This new slider is going to be featured on The Rattle Inn’s brunch menu, and for good reasons. The migas (an Austin favorite anywhere!) with smoked jalapeno to give it a kick, with their famous pickled onions can make anyones mouth water.

Overall everything I had on the new Austin Daily Press’ menu was amazing, and it really is cool to see them expanding their menu time and time again. In addition to being able to incorporate some new flavors  into multiple new dishes.  I love seeing the things these guys come up with and look forward to many food adventures with them in the future.

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