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AllGood Cafe located in Dallas’ Deep Ellum at the intersection of Main and Walton. It’s a favorite stop for musicians who come tour through Dallas and play in the many venues that are situated in this quaint Dallas neighborhood. The tagline of the cafe is “It’s like going to Austin without having to go through Waco”, and well having been born in Austin I was able to understand the sentiment.


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We arrived early at about 9am (Saturday hours 8am-9pm) and were able to get seated right away. The lights were off and it was grey outside, but that only added to the interior which had hundreds if not thousands of tiny paper cranes hung from the ceiling.


All Good Cafe Dallas


It also had band posters strung upon the walls, bumper stickers from famous Austin establishments like Waterloo Records, and a wall full of postcards from all over the world that had been sent to the eclectic cafe.


All Good Cafe Counter


The menu had a lot of southern breakfast favorites like the Huevos Rancheros, Mega Egg Sandwich, and the Biscuits and Gravy. But I knew I wanted to go straight for what they were known for. And it was easy just by scanning the room, almost every table had a stack of their pancakes.


All Good Cafe Menu


I had the Breakfast 2 with scrambled eggs, peppered bacon, and short stack of pancakes. Immediately I dive into the pancakes with not a moment to spare. They were warm, just thick enough, and soaked up the syrup nicely. I was not disappointed. But what I loved even more was their bacon. It had a good coating of pepper on it but not overwhelming, and they were nice thick cut slices so not too crispy either. The pair together with the eggs was a great and reasonably priced ($7.99) decision!




By the time we had settled into our meal there were crowds of people showing up and so a line began because all the seats were filled. It was a nice dive in a different Dallas neighborhood that we were glad we ventured to on our way to the Perot Museum. It had a charm but was put together and overall the meal was a good find and filling as we headed out on our day of adventures.


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All Good Cafe

All Good Cafe

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“Dine with Shayda reviews – AllGood Cafe –  a favorite stop for musicians. Their tagline, “It’s like going to Austin without having to go through Waco.”