Meat Madness at Live Fire 2016

Austin Food and Wine Alliance throws some pretty mouthwatering parties. From Austin Food and Wine festival, Official Drink of Austin (Which is coming up May 12th! Get tickets for $55 and Live Fire. The Austin Food & Wine Alliance, is “a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering awareness and innovation in the Central Texas food, wine and spirits community through grants, educational programming and events”.


Live Fire takes place at the Salt Lick Pecan Grove which is just on the other side of The Salt Lick off 1826 in Driftwood, Texas. It’s a food event that showcases Austin’s premier meat-centric, live-fire cooking. Paired with Texas beers, live music, and lots of great chefs represented it will be an event you will want to come back to again and again.  

The 2016 event was my first time attending and I have to admit, I was awestruck when I first arrived. The venue is beautiful, and during April the heat hasn’t set in just yet so it’s you’ll enjoy strolling through the grounds as you stop at booth by booth. It’s a food wonderland, you can hop in any line (trust me they’re all amazing) and just start knocking them out one by one. From tacos to sandwiches, mixed drinks and shots, plus a few desserts in between. I was so full and happy. 

Some of my favorites of the night were from Pieous Chef Josh Kaner’s with his House Smoked & Cured pastrami sourdough slider. Bullfights Chef Ryan Shields braised beef paella with green garlic & almonds. Chef Rebecca Masson’s Fluff Bake Bar made mini mint chocolate chip drumsticks. And Chef Jodi Elliot of Bribery Bakery with her strawberry, lime and rosemary caramel parfaits. 

It was a great event, and I had so much fun trying all the different meals prepared special for the event. It’s the best of the best in Austin, and I look forward to future Austin Food and Wine Alliance events. I hope to see you out there next time!